After a decade filled with direct-to-video movies that also included a stint in prison for tax evasion, 2015 is proving to be a real comeback year for Wesley Snipes. Later this year we’ll see him in the next Spike Lee joint Chiraq, and next month he’ll begin his run on The Player, a new NBC drama series that’s getting a major promotional push from the network.

Snipes has never been known for working in television – The Player is his first top-billed TV series role and the first ongoing role he’s had on the small screen in 25 years – but in a new interview with Vulture, he explained why he’s embracing the medium now.

“Well, TV is attractive because it gives you an opportunity to explore concepts that could lend themselves to future business opportunities. You can truly test the market. And there are some stories that are better served in TV than in film — multiple characters and multiple worlds. That’s good stuff, and it’s what me and my team are developing, mostly via comedies and supernatural action projects. I’m kicking down the doors and taking names, damn it!”

Snipes’ interest in TV has led to a first-look deal with Sony Pictures Television (which produced The Player), so he’s definitely got an opportunity to make an even bigger impact on the small screen in the coming years. So, what project is he most interested in making? Well, it’s called Master Daddy, and…you know, I’m just gonna let him explain it.

“It’s a martial-arts family comedy. It’s something that my children will be proud of me for. It’s the story of a father who is a martial-arts master, but also was a playboy in his heyday. He ends up marrying a female martial-arts master, and then they have three children, and the daughter turns out to be one of the most beautiful creatures any male has ever seen. The father, Master Daddy, uses his martial-arts skills and the help of his ninja students to sabotage his daughter’s relationships. Imagine Kung Fu Hustle and Meet the Parents. That’s my pitch.”

Well, Master Daddy sounds…frankly, ridiculous, but in an amazing way, like the kind of show Jackie Chan or Chuck Norris would’ve made had either of them shown an interest in making an American sitcom in the late ‘80s or early '90s. Someone give Snipes — who holds two black belts — the money to shoot this pilot right now.