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Exit Clear

West Coast Customs Made a Real ‘Mad Max’ Car for the Upcoming Game

The upcoming Mad Max video game tells a story about the titular warrior losing his iconic car, the Interceptor, and having to build a new one by kicking ass all over the wasteland. When the developers of the game first designed the new car, the “Magnum Opus,” it was never more than something drawn on paper or modeled on a screen.

But the short behind-the-scenes documentary above details how Mad Max developers Avalanche Studios teamed with former Pimp My Ride custom car shop West Coast Customs to see if the Magnum Opus could exist in reality—and not immediately explode as soon as someone started it.

The results aren’t so flaming and maimy as all that, although the Opus driving down a street (or more aptly, across a dusty desert plain) does look like something straight out of Mad Max: Fury Road.

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