Apparently, all these years that Hollywood showed us sorority girls having cutesy pillow fights, people were thinking, I wish we could do that without looking weak, because cadets at West Point just beat the ever-loving hell out of each other when they filled their pillowcases with helmets during their end-of-summer pillow fight.

30 injured cadets and 24 concussions later, you’d think freshmen at the U.S. military academy (nicknamed “plebes”) are rethinking their tactics, which also resulted in broken bones, split lips, and dislocated shoulders, but that doesn’t seem to be the case even a little bit.

“At first, the body count, people were joking about it,” one freshman said. “My friends were really excited. And right after, when we learned how many people had gotten hurt, everyone felt totally hardcore. I know it looks weird from the outside, but it really bonds us.”

“My plebe was knocked unconscious and immediately began fighting when he came to,” one upperclassman posted on Yik Yak. “I was so proud I could cry.”

Since 1897, West Point’s annual pillow fight has typically been an evening of innocent fun and class spirit, a way to cool off after seven weeks of basic training. This year got pretty wild, but isn’t the first violent incident. Back in 2012, one of the cadets straight up put a lockbox in his pillowcase, prompting 2013’s cancelation of the pillow brawl.

No idea what this means for next year. Maybe they’ll just turn their beds into tanks.