A lot of criticism has been leveled against Mattel for the unrealistic standards of beauty set by Barbie dolls. However, it’s usually the children we’re worried about trying to imitate those physical attributes, not 46-year-old mothers.

Lacey Wildd is a mother of six who’s trying to become a Human Barbie. She’s already undergone 36 surgeries to imitate the doll and is planning on getting another one. Her next procedure will be her 13th boob job, and she’s going to enhance them to a QQQ cup size.

Besides the surgeries, Lacey’s also been starving herself for the past six weeks and has lost 20 pounds. But apparently that’s not enough. She says, “I feel really good but I still think I need to lose more weight. I want to go down to a size 3 or even a 0.”

According to the Daily Mail, a doctor told Lacey if she got any more breast enhancements it would “ruin her body.” This somehow implies that her body has not already been ruined, which is clearly not the case.

Lacey also admits that it’s nearly impossible for her to run because of her breast size. She also has to sleep in a very specific angle with a pillow below her chest and between her knees to keep her spine straight. Basically, she seems to be living life in perpetual discomfort for this standard of beauty that no one finds attractive whatsoever.

She’s also been quoted as saying, “I want to have the most extreme body in the world, I want to be a walking cartoon character.”

Mission accomplished.