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This is What the Perfect Mistress Looks Like

This is What the Perfect Mistress Looks Like: Instagram


The Daily Mail reports on the results of a study of data assembled from “sugar daddies” around the world asking them what they’re looking for when they seek out action on the side.

Seeking Arrangement

Seeking Arrangement

The data comes from Seeking Arrangement, a dating company that pairs younger women with wealthy older suitors. The data for the infographic above was culled from user’s messages and search patterns, and includes different physical traits, various occupations men prefer, relationship status, age, and a variety of search keywords that are frequently sought after.

They found that men looking to cheat prefer a mistress between the ages of 26 and 31 that’s in decent shape, preferably with blonde hair and green eyes. Men also tend to want a more educated women to cheat with, and look for those that have at least a bachelor’s level of secondary education.

Seeking Arrangement

Seeking Arrangement

While three out of five of the site’s users are married, by and large these men prefer to romance single women. Founder and CEO of the site, Brandon Wade, explained their analysis of the site’s user data to the Daily Mail as such:

“The woman illustrated in the study is mature enough to understand the dynamic of an affair, but still young enough to have a youthful exuberance.

Plenty of men seek a mistress as the spark outside of wedlock and for some men, the perfect catch is in the form of a yoga loving student.”

So if you’re an adventurous young blonde woman with a good head on your shoulders that’s interested in exercising and being wooed by married older men, good news! The stats tilt in your favor.

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