What exactly happens to Dexter’s victim’s once they hit the ocean floor? Well if the trash bags he shoved their body parts in ever broke, we now know what would happen thanks to pigs and science.

Canadian researchers wanted to know precisely what happened to a human body at the bottom of the ocean, so they threw a couple of pig bodies to the bottom of the Saanich Inlet. Why pigs you ask?

Pig carcasses were chosen for this study because they are good approximations of a human’s gut microbe fauna, size, skin, and amount of body hair.

So how long does it take for a body to be stripped to the bone at the bottom of the ocean? Well, that depends on where you drop it.

The first two pigs dropped were stripped down to the bone in a matter of three weeks by crustaceans. The third pig, however, took over 90 days to be completely eaten because a lack of dissolved oxygen in the environment prevented the larger scavengers from moving in.

So now you know. Kind of makes your skin crawl, huh?