Usually after a strange discovery pops up on the internet, someone has solved it in a matter of hours. This video of a bizarre object in the middle of a lake in Utah has been up for several days and still has no explanation.

Someone on Reddit had this possible explanation:

The unusual bipyramidal yellow crystals are indicative of a biological antifreeze Protein (APF). I suspect that the AFP from a low temperature tolerant organism inhibited the crystallization of the ice, producing this pattern and the roughly bipyramidal yellow “crystals”. The pattern is caused by diffusion of the AFP and crystallization of ice, causes emergence of structure via self-organization. It may be a rare fungi or even perhaps the blood of an arctic species fish caught and eaten by a predator. If the latter is the case these unusual structures may be known to the Inuit.

By far the worst thing that has resulted from the video is that people keep mentioning trypophobia with it and if you do an image search of trypophobia your life will be ruined forever and nothing you do for the rest of your days will matter.