Advice comes in many forms: some welcome, some warranted, some unsolicited, some absurd. But a lot of it comes secondhand; rarely do we approach the subject of our queries for pointers on how best to achieve a desired result.

Well, “What She Thinks…” seeks to end all that, to eliminate the middleman and go straight to the source. We’ve put our most frequently asked questions to the girls to let them tell you, straight up, what makes the world go round, and we start today with the mother of all inquiries:

“What do you look for in the perfect man?”Samantha Baily


“I like nice, genuine people that don’t try too hard. I meet a lot of people that are really fake, and it’s a big turnoff for me with men and even women. I like a more laid-back guy that has a humbleness about them; they appreciate things and they’re also free-spirited. I hang out with people that inspire me and that I want to be like. I think it’s important to surround yourself with people that are like you and represent how you want to be. I’m from Washington where it’s laid-back. Everyone’s caught up in the hype out in L.A., so it’s nice to meet people that are down to earth out here.”*Leanna Decker *


“Confidence, and I like when a guy smells good. I don’t know if that’s a ‘quality,’ but that’s my main thing. If you don’t smell good I won’t like you…so cleanliness! A sense of humor too, of course; boring is no fun!”Bethanie Badertscher


“I demand that my boyfriends are creative in some nature, some way. Whether it be musically or something. I look for them to have a creative outlet. [I also like] a strong man’s touch, so I feel little and safe at the same time.”Katie Carroll


“I love funny people and I love kind of people. If you’re rude or don’t open the door for a lady or walk an old woman across the street, I do find that to be very ungentlemanly.”Audrey Aleen Allen


“I’m a sucker for wild boys, and I don’t mean bad boys. I like driven, adventurous men with a vivacious attitude! I love to travel and experience new things, so I need someone with the same thirst for life. He also has to be creative in bed; lovemaking is an art form and should be exciting!”