Tomorrow marks the release of the next big hunk of add-on content for Fallout 4, and it’s a doozy. For one thing, it takes you out of the Commonwealth Wasteland—Massachusetts, that is to say—and further up the New England coast to (post-apocalyptic, super-awful-to-live-there) Maine.

The latest video about Far Harbor includes Fallout 4’s development team speaking about what makes this new batch of content stand out from the other two post-release add-ons for the game. Namely, Far Harbor is huge—the biggest piece of downloadable content developer Bethesda has ever released—and includes a bunch of new stuff, like high-level armor and gross irradiated bad guys.

Far Harbor also expands on the Fallout 4 story with a three-way conflict, one that expands the religious cult called the “Children of the Atom.” These folks worship the atomic bomb and are weird about radiation, and while they’re generally peaceful, it seems like there’s going to be some significant conflict between them and the fisher-folk of Far Harbor the town. Plus, much of the area is bathed in a radioactive fog that’s going to make getting around a challenge, both because radiation is generally not very nice to your body, and because it’s full of huge scary monsters.

You can snag Far Harbor tomorrow for $25.