If there’s one question I get asked more than any other about technology (aside from “can u get me a free xbox lol?”), it’s “what will the next iPhone be like?”

Here’s the deal: I don’t know. No one does. I don’t think even Apple knows yet. Apparently, they have 10 working prototypes and they’re still figuring it out. If someone says they do know, they’re either lying or they work for a company in Cupertino or Asia.

That all being said, there are enough rumors and “sources” assaulting Google’s search results that we can at least make some informed guesses about what to expect from Apple for the next iPhone. Don’t say I didn’t warn you when it turns out I was wrong about all of this, though.

And if it turns out I was right, you owe me a taco.

One last note: If you’re thinking of holding off on the iPhone 7 for the 8 (or whatever it’s called - see below), you’ll be waiting until at least September 2017.

It could be called the iPhone X but will probably be called the iPhone 8
Chances are, the next iPhone will be called the iPhone 8 because, well, 8 comes after 7. However, there are rumors that since the next Apple smartphone will likely be a complete redesign, the company may give it a more sexy name. Or both - you may see an iPhone 8 with more familiar features and an X with some of the crazier ones. It wouldn’t be the first time Apple diversified their money-making product lines.

It could feature an edge-to-edge OLED screen
There’s no question that OLED technology is the future of displays. It’s better on just about every level: Natural color reproduction, contrast ratio, efficiency and even eye strain. Expect the next iPhone to feature an AMOLED screen (the AM just means active-matrix, meaning each pixel is individually lit rather than via a shared lamp or similar) that displays from edge to edge without a black border.

It could have a curved screen
OLED is also flexible, as evidenced by TV manufacturers pushing curved screens. In the case of the next iPhone, we could see a curved screen for ergonomic purposes but also, if the screen is indeed edge-to-edge, for some pretty spectacular aesthetic effects.

It could be all glass (or all plastic)
There have been numerous reports that Apple is planning to go with an “all-glass” design for the next iPhone (as opposed to the 7’s aluminum back). Does this mean you’ll be dealing with cracked iPhone backs again as we did with the iPhone 5? It’s possible, but reports suggest that the “all-glass” look will really be made with a flexible plastic OLED design that will not only be thinner and stronger than glass, but also lighter.

Touch ID could be built into the display
If we take the thin-slab-of-screen concept further and check into more iPhone 8 rumors, we could see Touch ID built into the screen. Assuming Apple uses all of the screen real estate for a, well, screen, we also won’t be seeing a home button with Apple instead going for capacitive, Force Touch “buttons” for all functions, which leads to the next prediction:

It could be waterproof
Assuming the device is virtually sealed in screen glass or plastic, the device could also be waterproof, or at least resistant. Apple already touts the Apple Watch’s water-friendliness, and it wouldn’t be a stretch to expect more of the same from the next iPhone. Gone will be the days of putting our iPhones in Ziploc baggies for long baths (not that I know anything about that!)

It could have fast, long-range wireless charging
The Apple watch already features wireless inductive charging, and wireless charging technology has been around for years. But as Apple typically does, they could take wireless charging one step further to allow long-range wireless. This could mean you could be charging your next iphone as long as it’s near a charger. This could also solve the one-port-for-everything complaints people have lodged against the iPhone 7’s lack of a headphone port.