If you played Destiny any time before the release of the new expansion, The Taken King, you probably felt that it was strange and disjointed. The plot made no sense, much of the gameplay was a slog, and while the vistas were pretty, the moment-to-moment action and environments became repetitive.

It’s notoriously difficult to get game developers to talk about the behind-the-scenes goings-on of a project outside of very positive marketing speak, but finally someone managed to squeeze out a coherent explanation of why Destiny seemed rushed despite years of development. A big report at Kotaku cites several Bungie staffers, speaking anonymously, who detail a bunch of what went wrong—like how, about four years into creating Destiny and with only a year left before release, Bungie apparently tossed the game’s entire plot and started from scratch. That allegedly caused employees to scramble to rework what they’d already created to fit a new mold, which in turn caused it to suck.

The article is the culmination of conversations with several developers from Bungie, along with about 13 months of attempts to get answers. It goes into a lot of details about the Destiny that could have been, as well. For Destiny fans who spent the last 12 months wondering what the hell happened to such a promising-looking game, it’s definitely worth a read.