Men have been trying to figure out the same thing for ages: what the heck do women want? Males and females are such different creatures that are wiring is so different, sometimes it’s like we come from different planets. Men have been trying to figure out women for ages, just ask Mel Gibson!

Thanks to the lovely people over at PornHub and RedTube, we’re one step closer to understanding what women like, at least when it comes to their adult film preferences. Thanks to an analytics report released by the adult film giant (what a sentence!), we have some concrete insight as to what women are watching and searching for on their platforms.

The terms most often searched by women, in order, are ‘lesbian’, 'threesome’, 'squirt’, 'black’, and 'cartoon’.

The search term that was the most growth over the past year was “real celebrity sex tape” followed by “real massage cam”. I guess the ladies like the realistic stuff.

The most searched adult actress by women is a bit of a surprise: Kim Kardashian!

There you have it! Use this info as you wish…