Although game show fails have become one of the most enjoyable forms of viral internet ephemera around, it’s hard not to feel bad for the poor saps who become national punch lines thanks to a lapse in judgment, an honest mistake, or a good old fashioned brain fart.

Take Kevin, for instance. On Tuesday’s episode of Wheel of Fortune, he was presented with “A STREETCAR NA_E*D DESIRE” on the board, and a chance to solve the puzzle. But instead of guessing “M,” a letter that anybody who stayed even partially awake for high school English class would have known, poor Kevin guessed the letter “K”.

That’s right, folks. Kevin apparently hasn’t heard of Tennessee Williams’ seminal play A Streetcar Named Desire, but is well acquainted with its pornographic counterpart, A Streetcar Naked Desire. And while Kevin seemed to take the gaffe in stride, we’re willing to bet that the audience’s audible gasp when he made his guess will haunt Kevin until the end of days. Oh, and Twitter’s ruthless reaction to his flub won’t help matters, either.