Hate is a natural emotion, and not one that is reserved only for human beings. Turns out states hate other states and in one gif we can see which states are natural enemies.

For those who would rather read words than look at pictures:

Alabama: Mississippi

Alaska: Washington

Arizona: California

Arkansas: Texas

California: Texas

Colorado: California

Connecticut: Massachusetts

Delaware: Pennsylvania

Florida: New York

Georgia: Tennessee

Hawaii: California

Idaho: Washington

Illinois: New York

Indiana: Illinois

Iowa: Illinois

Kansas: Missouri

Kentucky: Indiana

Louisiana: Texas

Maine: New Hampshire

Maryland: Virginia

Massachusetts: New York

Michigan: Ohio

Minnesota: Wisconsin

Mississippi: Alabama

Missouri: Kansas

Montana: California

Nebraska: Kansas

Nevada: California

New Hampshire: Vermont

New Jersey: New York

New Mexico: Texas

New York: California

North Carolina: South Carolina

North Dakota: South Dakota

Ohio: Michigan

Oklahoma: Texas

Oregon: Washington

Pennsylvania: New York

Rhode Island: Massachusetts

South Carolina: North Carolina

South Dakota: North Dakota

Tennessee: Georgia

Texas: Everyone

Utah: Colorado

Vermont: New Hampshire

Virginia: Maryland

Washington: Oregon

West Virginia: Virginia

Wisconsin: Minnesota

Wyoming: Colorado

And to get deeper on the hate spectrum, here’s a list of states that hate each other:

Alabama - Mississippi

Georgia - Tennessee

Kansas - Missouri

Maryland - Virginia

Michigan - Ohio

Minnesota - Wisconsin

North Carolina - South Carolina

North Dakota - South Dakota

Oregon - Washington

Texas - Arkansas, California, Louisiana, New Mexico, and Oklahoma

Go forth and embrace the hate.

Via Deadspin

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