Lisa Ann has been an important part of the adult film industry for years, so when she announced her retirement, many were left disappointed or downright devastated. That’s why the only sensible thing to do is petition President Obama and the White House to get Lisa Ann to come out of retirement.

If you have any doubts that Lisa might not still be in her prime, just take a look at this recent video from her Instagram:


A video posted by Lisa Ann (@thereallisaann) on

That is not the look or the body of someone who is retired. Just like Batman in The Dark Knight trilogy, Lisa Ann is the hero we deserve, and we need her now more than ever. Let’s sign and share this petition so bringing Lisa Ann out of retirement isn’t just something we talk about, but something we join together to accomplish as a nation. After all, isn’t that what America is all about? God bless you, Lisa Ann. And we hope to hear from you very, very soon.

Sign the petition here and share this with all of your friends so we can make this dream a reality.