The relationship between the new Trump administration and Twitter is a strange and fascinating thing. Not only does President Trump use the platform as a way to vent his feelings (at least until someone takes his phone away from him and posts something more responsible through his account) but the company recently had to apologize after mistakenly forcing more than half a million people to follow Trump’s @potus account following its activation. Now it turns out that there’s some fun to be found on Twitter for those looking for more information about the other members of the Trump administration—specifically, the tweets they made before they found themselves in their current positions.

This weekend, a 2014 tweet by White House press secretary Sean Spicer was rediscovered and newly shared across the platform. In it, Spicer complained about Daft Punk’s performance at that year’s Grammys. Except he got the name of the act wrong.

This in response to the performance of their breakthrough track “Get Lucky” with Pharrell Williams, Stevie Wonder and Nile Rogers. When someone correctly pointed out that the French act had “been nominated and won mult[iple] times since 98"—they’d also win album and record of the year at the 56th Grammy Awards—Spicer doubled down.

As an "early and still fan,” he would know that the duo’s helmets are a signature look; their true identities have been hidden almost from the beginning. Perhaps there’s an alternative facts version of events where Daft Funk love to give photo shoots with their faces showing, period.