Last week, we wrote about how hackers once again got their hands on a giant database of stolen photos, this time from Snapchat users, threatening to release them over forums like 4Chan and Reddit.

Snapchat told us it wasn’t their fault because users had given over their Snaps to less secure third-party apps like SnapSave. And after the photos “leaked” this weekend as promised, it no longer seems like they Snapchat has such a horrible situation on their hands.

Without the shock of A-list nudes, no one seems to care about what else is floating around out there—nameless faces, normal selfies and faceless bodies competing for attention on the internet with everything else.

No one really seems to know how troublesome the snappening really was. Was a huge trove of child porn just released? If so, it’s quite difficult, if not impossible to find the images anywhere on the web, unlike the Jennifer Lawrence nudes. In an analysis by the Washington Post, some Snappening vids appeared to be content that wasn’t on the Web previously. Most, if not all of the links lead to deleted files, spam, and malicious malware. And the supposed “searchable” site that was promised to be up by Sunday night still isn’t available.

Hackers definitely got their hands on Snapchat pictures and video as the chatter on 4Chan forums predicted, but as to the scope of the supposed snappening—it’s not as large scale as the hackers wanted you to believe. And it seems that’s mostly because the pictures are either not as provocative and intimate as hackers have said or they are just too hard to find to go viral.

Seems like snappening hackers need to work on their user experience design and social media strategy. Or they could just stop stealing people’s private pics.