The Daily Mail reports on the bizarre story of one Emma Thompson from the UK, who can’t seem to stop eating sponges soaked in dish-liquid.

Emma Thompson, from Wallsend, North Tyneside, started chewing bath sponges at the age of three before discovering she liked the taste of kitchen ones better.

The 23-year-old, who suffers from an OCD-type condition called pica, which makes her crave items with no nutritional value, described the household necessity as her ‘guilty pleasure’.

Thompson claims she eats between twenty and thirty a day, which certainly qualifies her habit as some kind of a strange addiction. She says that her boyfriend was disgusted at first, but now he’s come around to the idea and picks 'em up for her.

'It’s a guilty pleasure, some people smoke - I eat sponges. It’s not a dirty habit, it’s a clean.

'My friends takes the mick out of me and say: “Are we going to have sponge and chips for tea?”

'I chew it and sometimes I swallow it. I like the smell and taste of the washing up liquid on the sponge. It tastes like apples, it’s quite foamy. My mouth gets full of foam.’

Thompson admits to never actually having gone to the doctor to check and see if the habit is in any way detrimental to her health, but she’s pretty sure she’s alright because this habit might be more common than most people thing.

'I think there’s a lot of people who do it but won’t talk about it.’

Let’s hope not, Emma. If enough people start getting into this sponge habit, there might not be enough for you.

Via The Daily Mail.