There are lots of reasons to love Hayley Atwell. She’s smart, she’s funny, she’s a hell of an actress, she’s a Dubsmash champion, she’s absolutely gorgeous, and she’s the star of one of the coolest properties Marvel Studios is juggling right now: the period spy series Agent Carter. Now we can add another reason: She is Totally Done with your Sexist Bullshit.

Last weekend, a fan on Twitter showed Atwell a tabloid headline that not only focused on how much nerds want to see her naked, but referred to her specifically as a “curvy actress.”

Actresses (and, well, all women) deal with this sort of thing all the time because, unfortunately, some of us still haven’t gotten past thinking of women as nothing more than sexy toys that come in various sizes. Atwell could’ve gotten angry, and it would’ve been understandable, but instead she delivered this flawless little mic drop and went on being a badass:

Hayley Atwell: Untouchable