If you’re like me, you constantly have to delete a photo from your phone just to take another one. You probably also carry a charger with you wherever you go, because your dumb battery only ever has enough juice for you to be on your phone for approximately 17 minutes before it croaks.

There’s an easy fix that will help your phone live longer and run faster—but you might not like it. When mobile economist John Koetsier discovered that the Facebook app was sucking up a whopping 47 percent of his iPhone 7’s battery life in a 24-hour span—despite only browsing his feed for 30 minutes across four or five sessions—he deleted the app and instantly watched his iPhone survive a full day of usage for an 20 percent to spare.

Koetsier revealed his discovery in a recent Inc article, in which he also asked tech experts just why the hell Facebook, at 388 megabytes, is such a power suck. According to mobile consultant Giacomo Balli, whom Koetsier interviewed for the piece, even when you disable background app refresh and exit out of your Facebook app, it’s still using up memory in a secret “suspend” mode. And since Facebook keeps tabs on your location 24/7, that also eats up your battery.

Beyond giving your poor battery a break, ditching Facebook could also clear your head. After all, the app makes you freak the fuck out: When researchers at Cal State tracked college students’ smartphone usage for eight weeks, they found the undergrads looked at their phones an average of four times an hour, four minutes at a time, because they were afraid of missing out on what was happening in their social network.

But the more you check Facebook, the more bored you feel with your own life, finds separate research from the University of Michigan. Not to mention that Australian scientists say lurking on your friends’ profiles, but not interacting with them, makes you feel lonely and left out.

All the more reason to say peace out, Zuck.