A recently widowed Taiwanese woman hired strippers to perform at her husband’s funeral, according to The Daily Mail. The dancers performed thier exotic routine on and around the deceased’s casket while the somber dirge Moves Like Jagger by Maroon 5 played in the background.

Maroon 5? I guess this is one of those funerals where the living envied the dead.

Taichung Funeral Home in Taipei, Taiwan was turned into a makeshift gentleman’s club when the dance music began pumping and neon lights started flashing as the girls went through their moves on the morning of April 12.

They then disappeared before the drums played and the coffin was taken to the awaiting car and the start of the solemn funeral ceremony.

Friends said the extremely understanding Mrs Jian was a devoted wife and after Mr Jian had suffered a stroke before his death, she would spend every minute at his bedside, attending to his every need.

As previously mentioned, this story comes from The Daily Mail and is sourced to The People’s Daily Online, which I was unable to translate into English. So for all I know, the original source is actually a recipe for dumplings. But damn it, I want to believe!

Besides, this is not the first time strippers have been spotted at a Taiwanese funeral.

According to National Geographic, many in Taiwan measure respect for the dead based on funeral crowd size and expense. Since nothing draws a crowd like expensive half-naked strippers, they’re a natural fit for Taiwanese funerals.

While we clearly have a lot to learn from this rich and vibrant culture, I still hope funeral strippers stay on the other side of the Pacific. I don’t need another reason to fake my own death.