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Will 2018 Bring Us a New Indiana Jones Movie?

Will 2018 Bring Us a New Indiana Jones Movie?:

Last month, Lucasfilm head Kathleen Kennedy confirmed that the studio is talking about a fifth Indiana Jones flick. Indy 5 has been a possibility ever since Kingdom of the Crystal Skull in 2008, so it’s no surprise that Kennedy and Co., in the midst of what’s poised to be a very lucrative Star Wars revival, would be turning their attention to George Lucas’ other big franchise creation. What we didn’t know at the time was when such a film might happen. Now, maybe we do…

Ain’t It Cool News has sources reporting that Lucasfilm has penciled in a release date for the fifth Indy film of Q4 2018 (initial reports said December, but that was later broadened to include the entire fourth quarter of the year), which means that in a little more than three years Dr. Jones could be back on our movie screens. Now, it’s important to note how vague this date is at the moment. It might not turn out to be a hard release date, but rather a kind of baseline goal that will allow Kennedy and everyone else at Lucasfilm to get the development ball rolling. As it stands right now, even if all goes well in the development process, 2018 might not end up being the release year, but if this report is true, Lucasfilm is definitely laying some groundwork.

So, will Harrison Ford return to one of his defining roles at the age of 76, or will a younger action star, like internet hero Chris Pratt, take up the bullwhip? We don’t know, but this is yet another sign that Lucasfilm is quite serious about reviving this franchise.

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