Will Ferrell has to be everyone’s favorite talk show guest, because the dude rarely ever comes as himself. He’s shown up as Little Debbie on Jimmy Fallon, an infomercial sword salesman on Jimmy Kimmel, and a dog trainer (or a sexy leprechaun or Robert Goulet) on Conan O'Brien, and that’s not even counting the times he came as an exaggeratedly erractic or unhinged version of “himself.”

As of last night, Ferrell went for it again, popping in on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert as a zookeeper, dead-set on scoring the not-yet-filled position of resident exotic animal expert, bringing with him “rare” creatures and bonkers stories behind all of their existences. I hope he gets the job, because then so long Animal Planet and your legacy of meerkat massacres! We have a new guy to teach us about the animal kingdom’s food chain or whatever!