A while back, it was reported that Will Ferrell and Kristen Wiig, two of the greatest Saturday Night Live cast members of the last two decades, had secretly filmed a Lifetime Original Movie together. The very next day, Ferrell announced that they would “forego the project” after the “top secret” news was leaked, and since the news came out on April Fool’s Day to begin with, everyone sort of shrugged it off as one of those weird internet legends that dissolved into dust.

Well, it turns out it’s actually happening.

In a matter of weeks, we’ll see Ferrell and Wiig in A Deadly Adoption, in which they play a couple who take in and care for a pregnant woman (Jessica Lowndes) in order to eventually adopt her child, until “things go awry.” The film is a “campy, fun, contemporary wink” at what we’ve come to expect from Lifetime Original Movies (which Ferrell is apparently a fan of), but we won’t know just how campy it is until we see some footage.

So, it turns out this wasn’t all just an elaborate prank…unless it was. June 20 is a Saturday, not a Sunday, and it seems weird that no one at Lifetime caught that before printing that massive billboard. Still, I definitely hope it’s real, because watching Ferrell and Wiig together is a delight on any network.