Beyond my imminent belly flop, I have an important announcement to make.

Starting December 5th, you too can drink some scotchy scotch scotch into your belly while in a Will Ferrell themed bar. After it saw previous success in New York, the Will Ferrell themed pop-up bar Stay Classy will make an appearance in Los Angeles. The pop-up is housed within the TCL Chinese 6 Theatres, but not the actual Chinese Theater. Reservations are reccomended due to the expected turnout being more numerous than the clientele of a smelly pirate hooker.

If The New York location is any indicator, drinks will be served with Anchorman quote titles, such as “A Whale’s Vagina” and “Big Foot’s Dick.” According to LAist, the bar will feature beverages unique to the Los Angeles location as well. Need to disco a bit? There willl be two different dance parties themed after Elf and Anchorman. So be ready to dance until you are in a glass case of emotion.

Beyond booze and frivolity, there is no need to feel like you made a bad choice attending. All of the proceeds go directly to Ferrell’s Cancer For College charity. LAist also reports that there might be an appearance by the Burgundy man himself. So try your best not to get sloshed so you can stay classy enough to shake the mans hand should you get the opportunity.