Idris Elba is a man so cool all he has to do is show up in a bowtie and people want to make him James Bond. He’s a man so cool that we could cast him as Batman and any racist who wanted to argue would soon be silenced, lost in his vulnerable yet intimidating gaze (Hi, I’m a straight dude who’s really into Idris Elba. Don’t make it weird.). He’s played the smoothest of drug dealers on The Wire, the toughest of tough cops on Luther, a Norse God in Marvel’s Thor films, and a canceller of the Apocalypse in Pacific Rim. Now, he might be bringing his particular brand of sexy badass to Star Trek.

Variety reports that Elba is “in early talks” to join Star Trek 3 as the film’s villain, and though we have no idea who he’ll play or even if he’ll actually make the deal, we’re already onboard. The first Star Trek reboot villain was Eric Bana, and Benedict Cumberbatch was drafted for Star Trek Into Darkness in an ill-conceived twist on The Wrath of Khan. Now, don’t misunderstand me, those men are fine actors, but by comparison … let’s just say I have no trouble believing that Idris “John Luther” Elba could take down the whole Enterprise crew with one hand tied behind his back and still put the moves on Uhura.

Star Trek 3 starts shooting this summer, hopefully with Elba in its corner.

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