Do you remember Will Smith? No, not the Will Smith of recent years, star of such grim fare as Seven Pounds, The Pursuit of Happyness, and After Earth, executive producer of Free Angela and All Political Prisoners. No, the old Will Smith who once leapt on stage at an exclusive Ellis Island release party for Hitch and rapped his latest hit in an undershirt.

Take heart, for the old Fresh Prince is still there, somewhere buried beneath the post-apocalyptic epics and failed Oscar bait. Check him out here, playing the hype man at his son DJ Ace’s gig in Las Vegas. Together with his longtime cohort DJ Jazzy Jeff, Smith enthusiastically rocked their 23-year-old hit “Summertime” in front of a sufficiently turnt up and grateful audience. (Despite the setting and his speckling of grey hair, Big Willy doesn’t seem quite ready to become a Vegas lounge act just yet.)

But it was his shirtless boogie to the Sugar Hill Gang’s disco-rap classic “Apache” — gyrating like your drunk uncle at a family barbecue — that reminds us exactly why we miss the fun-as-shit Will Smith.

(Via Vulture)