In this stark political climate, where the field of candidates is so bleak they look best when re-contextualized as Pokemon, the people are championing someone new for this year’s race: Dwayne Johnson, the People’s Champ!

A new website, is calling for the Brahma Bull to step into the ring of this year’s election as an independent candidate, citing his status as “one of the most popular, charismatic, motivating people in the US” and his “established reputation for accomplishment, leadership, vision, influence, knowledge of the nation and the world” as reasons why he ought to give this year’s race the People’s Elbow.

With all the insanity coursing through the 2016 election cycle, why not inject some much-needed popular appeal into the game?

After all, in addition to being one of the highest-grossing stars at this year’s box office, the guy recuses drowning puppies and has saved the Earth on-screen more times than any of the other candidates. Plus, who’s going to fuck with a nation that’s run by the Scorpion King?



Nobody, that’s who. Sadly, the Rock himself tossed a bucket of cold water on the movement via his twitter, but he didn’t totally rule out a run in the future.

What do you say we call this election cycle a scratch and start planning for The Rock vs. Kanye West in 2020? We can smell the change he’s cooking!