Q: Your new record is called Blacc Hollywood. What does the title represent?
A: I chose “Hollywood” because it’s where people’s minds go when they think of success. I wanted to spin on that and add the “blacc” part, because it makes whatever Hollywood is—it’s the film kids who start out with a passion and the fashion kids who start out with no knowledge. So it’s really just taking ownership of Hollywood and making it ours.

Q: At the NFL draft this year, Justin Gilbert picked your song “We Dem Boyz” as his walk-up music when the Cleveland Browns drafted him. Are you rooting for the Browns now?
A: Yeah. Anybody who supports Wiz Khalifa, we’ll support right back.

Q: But you’re from Pittsburgh. When your Steelers play Cleveland, are you going to root for the Browns?
A: Come on, man. That’ll never happen.

Q: A lot of your songs are about weed, and a weed company named a strain after you: Khalifa Kush. How did that come about?
A: The marijuana industry is booming right now because it’s being legalized as a business. It’s that, plus the powers that I have, not only with branding but smoking only the best. I’m kind of the spokesperson now.

Q: Do you get royalties when people smoke Khalifa Kush?
A: Yeah. And it’s pretty strong, I’ll tell you that much.

Q: What was the last concert you saw that was at a level you’d like to match?
A: I went to a Billy Joel show at the Hollywood Bowl. That was really good. He’s a fun dude to watch—a rock star, like me.

Q: So can we call you the rap game Billy Joel?
A: Yeah, you could say that. Thanks for the nickname.

This interview originally appeared in the September 2014 Issue of Playboy.