Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine might be going out in serious style. There’s now talk of the third Wolverine spinoff film and Jackman’s final outing as the moody Marvel hero being based on Old Man Logan. It’s only a rumor, but it’s a damn good one.

Set far in the future—on alternate Earth-807128, mind you—supervillains have already united, destroyed nearly all superheroes, and divided up U.S land in Old Man Logan, Mark Millar’s gritty 8-issue arc (2008-2009).

Millar, also responsible for penning Kick-Ass, Wanted, and The Secret Service, gives Wolverine/Logan gray hair, a wife, some kids, and a mysterious mission by way of the now-blind Hawkeye.

Though a fitting end to the character, at least played by Jackman anyway, it’ll need some work in order to fit into the on-screen Marvel universe, which grows clearer and more detailed with each passing year. Regardless of how much of a jump it may be, the basis would make for some wicked action given supervillains as the main lineup.

The still-untitled film hits theaters in 2017.