Looking for a relationship on TLC’s Strange Love can get pretty strange. Considering some people that have been on the show are obsessively in love with their car, or eating their dead husband’s ashes. I wish I was kidding. The show will now feature a Georgia woman with 48 NN breasts, who wants to kiss the single life goodbye and find a man who can handle all of her. Kristy Love is a massage therapist from Atlanta, and her breasts weigh in at almost 32 pounds combined.

One issue she regularly deals with? Cooking. “Sometimes they get in the pot,” Love says. “Sometimes they get in the pan. Sometimes they get caught on the burner.”

But by the looks of her, we doubt Kristy won’t be able to find a proper suitor. “My boobies do not need to be alone. It’s time for them to find a man.”
No boob left behind.