If you’re going to get arrested and look good while doing it, you will probably become an Internet sensation.

Jeremy Meeks’ mugshot started the hot mugshot craze earlier this year when the convicted felon’s mugshot went super viral, ostensibly because the Internet was unable to wrap its collective mind around the fact that beautiful people are just as capable of committing crimes as anyone.

18-year-old Alysa Bathrick is the latest woman to get the digital perp walk treatment. Check her out:



Bathrick was arrested in Raleigh, NC earlier this week after cops found her in possession of Xanax without a prescription and intent to sell it, according to Elite Daily.

Shortly after her release from the big house, Bathrick Tweeted that her mugshot was cute, accompanied by the hashtag #ftp (which means Fuck The Police).

If you want to know why in the fuck someone would become a Xanax dealer, you can hit her up on Twitter. Along with the thousands of other guys who have been Tweeting at her since the mugshot went viral.