Eating live animals is not exactly something most people are into, thankfully. In fact, it’s generally considered to be terrible if your dinner is still alive.

However, that’s exactly what appeared to happen to diners in a Japanese restaurant. The Daily Mail reported that some people were pretty upset when a raw fish delicacy began to writhe on the table.

Here’s a video of what looks like a fish coming back to life:

Leslie Dinsmore of the Indianapolis Zoo tells The Daily Dot that this phenomenon easily explained. The fish isn’t dead, its muscle tissue is simply reacting to a part of the dish that triggered a chemical reaction.

“Obviously we aren’t there but we can probably agree this fish looks dead and half eaten,” Dinsmore said. “From what I can figure this twitching is most likely a reaction to some kind of sodium on the fish, soy sauce or table salt? The sodium is most likely what is triggering the electrical synapse to fire. Even after an animal has passed away their muscles can still react.”