A woman who wanted more than a one-night stand decided she’d keep the guy around by borrowing a friend’s child and pretending it was hers.

She even forged a DNA test and birth certificate she created to convince the dude she had a son. That’s some next-level deception.

Charmaine Wilson, 25, pled guilty to forgery charges and a judge mandated a “victim awareness” course and suspended 32 weeks of jail time, according to The Independent.

Wilson first met Liam Griffiths, the man who is not, in fact, a father, at a bar in 2012. They spent the night together, and then Griffiths pulled the ole’ vanishing act thereafter.

The Welsh woman began contacting him on social media accounts and calling him incessantly. Griffifths blocked her.

Then, in December of 2013, Wilson ran into Griffiths at the hospital where she worked as a nurse and Griffith was visiting a sick relative. Wilson approached Griffifths with a child and told him it was his. Wilson then forged the birth certificate and DNA test to make Griffiths believe he was the father.

Griffiths then began to bond with the child, and said in court that he had begun to care deeply about him. He began plans to build a home and buy a safer car.

In May 2013, Griffiths posted a picture of himself and the child to Facebook. A real relative of the child blew up Wilson’s spot, telling Griffiths the child was born of a different woman.

“I am devastated and heartbroken to have lost a child that I thought was my son and had bonded with this child,” Griffiths said. Wilson commented that her actions were a like that “snowballed out of control,” and she didn’t know how to stop it.

Kind of makes you think twice about ghosting on a one-night stand, doesn’t it?