It can be difficult looking just like a big-time celebrity. Trust me, I get mistaken for Zac Efron everywhere I go and, although it’s flattering, it can be annoying as well. There are the selfies, the autographs, the shirtless photos… it takes its toll.

Such is the life of Bianca Guthrie, who claims that her physical similarities to Barbadian beauty Rihanna is ruining her life. The 25-year-old stylist claims that she is constantly being stopped by strangers mistaking her for the pop icon, and she’s beginning to fear for her safety.

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Here is an except from her interview with The Mirror:

“I’m single because I look like Rihanna, pure and simple. Boyfriends have dated me purely because I look like her - it’s always the first thing they say. I’m desperate to find a man who sees past my resemblance to Rihanna. Blokes want me to be Rihanna, but I’m not. I’m Bianca.”

She goes on to explain, “I had my hair red and then a week later Rihanna did it. Everyone thought I had copied her so I dyed it back. Then I went blonde and was told I looked like Rita Ora—I couldn’t win.”

What do you think? Do you see the similarities?