A woman in Arizona suffers from a rare condition that causes her to have six hours of orgasms per day, known as persistent genital arousal disorder (PGAD). The disorder has drastically impacted her life, leading her to mostly stay home to avoid potential embarrassment.

Three years ago, Cara Anaya developed PGAD while visiting a grocery store and realized all the items were turning her on. The condition’s only worsened over the years, with Cara experiencing up to 180 orgasms in a two hour period. She says she rarely goes out with friends anymore and can’t visit her son at school without embarrassing him. Here’s a quick look into her life:

The condition has no cure and is wrecking her life. She says, “As an illness it leaves me feeling incredibly lonely because nobody understands, and there is so little awareness of the condition. Right now I seek solace and advice in the online community but there just isn’t enough awareness out there. Even doctors don’t know a cure. I just want it to stop.”

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