If you’ve ever been cheated on before, you know it can be a pretty difficult situation to deal with. Luckily, this British woman knew just how to deal with it and decided to let her cheating husband know they were over by using a massive billboard on a busy freeway.

Lisa, who was sick of her husband Paul’s cheating habits, took out the advertising space on a 15ft x 10ft billboard on his route to work. Her message went up at 11pm on Tuesday night and read:

via Rossparry.co.uk/Tom Maddick

via Rossparry.co.uk/Tom Maddick

Mark Catterall, who sold the space to Lisa, said she paid “hundreds of pounds” for the sign, which is on a major route into the city. He also added that it is one of the most recognized billboard locations in the city.

In the end, Paul’s affair has gone viral and we’re sure Lisa is extremely pleased with her efforts. After all, what better way to break up with a cheater than to completely expose them to everyone?

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