If you arrived at work this morning to find a dearth of your female coworkers, there’s a legitimate reason. If you said, “Screw it” to showing up, you probably already know. As planned for today, December 12, women across the country, along with their allies (read: anyone who identifies as a member of a marginalized community and their supportors), are going on strike in objection of Donald Trump and his big bag of bullshit.

The strike gained traction on Facebook, with protests taking place in 18 cities, including New York, L.A., Denver, Dallas, and Columbus. The invite explains, “If you have felt targeted, threatened, triggered, afraid, or embarrassed by the outcome of the 2016 Presidential Election [you are] encouraged to join us on December 12, as we STRIKE and BOYCOTT.”

Or you can substantiate your economic clout by refusing to spend money today, as long as you don’t need to, like, buy food or anything. (If only a 24-hour hunger strike could turn this whole situation around.)