Morning wood is a well-established morning circumstance for men. We wake up, tent pitched and rush to the bathroom only to wait until our boners eventually soften so that we can pee with some semblance of aim.

You may be surprised to discover women experience morning wood as well. Refinery29 recently spoke with Aleece Fosnight, a urology physician’s assistant and sexual health counselor, who revealed that, like men, a woman’s nether region also responds to her sleep cycles.

That’s right, instead of erections, women experience “increased clitorial and vaginal engorgement” during REM sleep.

“The clitoris has erectile tissue just like the penis, but instead of being out in the open for everyone to see, the clitoral engorgement happens internally,” Fosnight told the pub.

Fascinated? Here’s what happens: While a woman sleeps, her body pumps generous amounts of blood to her genital tissues in order to keep them healthy. This is the same process that occurs when a woman becomes sexually aroused. As a result, the erectile tissue in the clitoris “becomes engorged and red” due to circulation.

“The labia also has erectile tissue, and can become larger and more red in color as the arousal triggers a release of blood flow through the entire genital area,” Shannon Chavez, a certified clinical psychologist adds.

However, just because a woman’s body is responding this way, doesn’t necessarily mean she’s aroused. Which in no way differs from men. As you know, some people do feel exceptionally aroused in the morning. There’s a good reason for that: the morning is when our testosterone levels peak, which is the hormone responsible for triggering sexual desire.

“There is lower tension in the morning when you are about to start the day ahead,“ Chavez adds, insistent that for many people, morning sex is the best sex.

Her assertion is no fable. In fact, recent research found that, internationally, most people prefer to have sex before noon.

There are good reasons to act on these urges as well. This same research has shown that morning sex serves as a daily vitamin for the body, strengthening both your immune system and the bond with your partner. Because of the body’s increase in testosterone, men often last longer during morning sex. Meaning it’s good for your body and your confidence.

As luck would have it, these same factors apply to women as well. So instead of waking up to a hot shower, maybe you should opt for steamy sex instead.