The state of literature has never been in more peril, with computers, cellphones and tablets making books more and more irrelevant in the 21st century. And the plague of women masturbating in public libraries probably isn’t helping matters.

That’s right. Another woman was busted for pleasuring herself in one of these fine institutions. This only a few months after Kendra Sunderland was arrested after a video surfaced online of her also using a library for her own private study sessions.

The details are mostly the same as with Kendra. The girl used MyFreeCams and was paid by viewers for her shows in the library. However, this latest story adds a more disturbing detail than Kendra’s. While Kendra did her business at a library at a university, this new girl did so in a public library with kids around. Seriously. Kids were seen walking around in the background of her videos. (Yes, even we have our limits.)

Also, the new library girl lives in Ontario, which means this phenomenon is crossing borders. It’s how every major plague begins. First it’s just a couple of incidents, then a handful at once, then next thing we know we can’t find a book on 18th Century Russian History without running into some girl getting naked in front of a webcam.

How will our nation’s college students ever be able to study for the midterms?

This could be every library in America in six months.

The Canadian woman turned herself in to the police on Friday. There’s no word yet on what her punishment will be. Although if it’s anything like Kendra’s, it could mean a photoshoot with

Joseph Misulonas is an editorial assistant for His library trips have always been PG-rated. He can be found on Twitter at @jmisulonas.