Researchers recently released a polarizing study about squirting which, to the uninitiated, is the layman’s term for “female ejaculation.”

Why was the study polarizing?

Because the researchers maintain that the fluids emitted during a squirt sesh are not, in fact, ejaculate. They say it consists of urine.

Many women are not happy about this, and reasonably so. You don’t want some scientist telling you that you’ve been pissing the bed when you have an intense orgasm—especially when they make this conclusion based on a study of only seven women, as Allie Conti at Vice pointed out.

Some of these women who have the ability to squirt were inspired by a blog post by Epiphora and took to Twitter to voice their opinion that ejaculation is not peeing.

They used the apt hashtag #notpee:

I have a little bit of experience in this arena (though not with seven women), and if my opinion counts for anything, it didn’t seem like pee to me.