It’s been a very good summer for Wonder Woman.

After months of “Will a woman-led superhero movie actually work?” internet anxiety, her first solo film in the DC Extended Universe is a massive hit even by megafranchise standards. The film is closing in on $400 million in domestic box office and $800 million globally. Stateside, that makes Gal Gadot’s Amazonian warrior adventure more popular than any other DCEU flick so far, and second only to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice internationally. Wonder Woman has already cracked the top ten highest-grossing superhero films ever (it’s poised to challenge Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man for the #7 spot this week). Fan passion as Gadot took to San Diego Comic-Con last month was as palpable as ever.

Put simply: Wonder Woman is the heart and soul of the DCEU. Warner Bros. would be wise to treat her as such.

So far, it seems, Warners and DC Films have definitely taken the fan adoration of Gadot to heart. She was already slated to co-star in this fall’s Justice League, but the Comic-Con trailer for the film leaned on Wonder Woman more than any previous marketing materials. DC also used Comic-Con as an opportunity to officially announce the inevitable sequel to Wonder Woman, which will arrive in 2019 with director Patty Jenkins presumed to return. Now, we’re apparently getting even more of Diana of Themyscira.

In a new report about Wonder Woman’s box office success, Forbes’ Mark Hughes notes that the character is now set to appear in Flashpoint, DC’s 2020 film starring Ezra Miller as Barry Allen/The Flash. That film, also revealed at Comic-Con, is apparently an adaptation of the 2011 DC Comics storyline of the same name that featured a dimension-hopping Flash and, ultimately, a reboot of DC’s entire comic book line. It’s not clear how the film will approach this, but fans are already speculating that this could be DC’s plan for ousting Ben Affleck’s Batman and replacing him with one from another Earth.

It’s important to note that details on the film aren’t clear yet, and likely won’t be for a while as we still have three years until we see it. Hughes’ report does note, though, that DC is treating the film more like a Captain America: Civil War-style team-up movie than a simple Flash solo adventure. That means there’s room for lots of DC heroes to stop by, and Gadot’s Wonder Woman is the first big name to be attached.

The report is unconfirmed, and we’ll have to wait a while to figure out exactly how she fits in but Wonder Woman’s inclusion in Flashpoint feels like a very smart move on DC Films’ part. Diana’s the most popular individual character in their universe right now, with a backstory stretching back centuries. Her story and spirit are woven into the fabric of the DCEU now in a way that Superman and Batman just aren’t. In franchise terms she’s a combination of Captain American and Iron Man with an added feminist oomph that gives her serious crossover appeal. She’s got the history, the connective tissue and the charisma to carry DC Films forward post-Justice League. Gadot is a star, and DC Films’ decision to keep the spotlight on her might be their best bet for future tentpole success.

Justice League hits theaters November 17.