It’s easy to be skeptical about the upcoming big screen version of Wonder Woman, especially after how the last few DC movies turned out. But after the latest trailer debuted during Sunday’s MTV Movie & TV Awards, we’re willing to put at least some of our skepticism aside. In fact, the trailer is so good, we’re actually getting reasonably pumped for the film’s June 2 release.

A big part of that is Gal Gadot. Say what you will about Zack Snyder—and if there are children around, cover their ears—but it was the oft-maligned director who plucked the Israeli-born actress from obscurity and cast her as Diana, Princess of the Amazons. She was just about the only good thing in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, and she’ll probably be the best part of Justice League, too.

Gadot doesn’t have to share the screen with a brooding Ben Affleck, (or whomever it is they got to play Cyborg). This is Gadot’s movie, and the trailer shows someone who’s not afraid to do the heavy lifting. She’s more than capable of handling both the joke telling and the ass kicking that we require from the modern versions of our favorite superheroes.

Not only could this film mark the birth of a new movie star but if it performs well, we might also be looking at the start of a new era of female-led superhero movies. And with Paddy Jenkins (also a woman) at the helm, it could finally be time for the boys and their silly capes to step aside.

Watch Gadot and her sidekick Chris Pine do heroic things in the final Wonder Woman trailer below.