The DC universe needs a win. Despite making money, both Suicide Squad and Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice were critical failures. Many fans have felt burned by Warner Bros.’ attempts at catching up with the Marvel universe, but the new Wonder Woman appears to be a promising opportunity for redemption. The feminist superheroine kicks ass and takes names in a trailer rife with glorious slow motion, breathtaking locations and a handsome dude-in-distress played by Chris Pine. It also heralds the first film in the DC Cinematic Universe to have a female director—Patty Jenkins, who wrote and directed the harrowing true-crime drama Monster.

In a testosterone-flooded genre, DC and Warner Bros. have a real opportunity to get one over on Marvel. Captain Marvel is in the current roster of Marvel films that sports a female lead, but its arrival is years away. For now, Wonder Woman has graced us with a badass trailer, a June 2017 premiere date and a logo lifted from Weezer or the WWF and dipped in gold.