Wonder Woman isn’t just the most successful of the DC superhero movies to date — in terms of critical and fan appreciation, at least, if not box office take just yet. It could also point to a new direction for cinema’s other shared superhero universe, if teases from DC’s Geoff Johns and Jon Berg prove accurate.

Executive VP Berg suggested that Warner Bros has been paying attention to the response to 2016’s two DC offerings, and has learned from painful experience, according to Variety. After all, as he puts it, “You would be silly not to analyze how a movie was received — what went right and what went wrong on the making of a movie.”

That means that fans can expect future movies to be less grim — “Batman v. Superman was tonally dark,” he noted, “People didn’t respond to that” — and have stories that actually make sense, too. The problem with Suicide Squad, Berg argued, was that it “didn’t work narratively. You had some great casting and some great characterizations, but where the story fell down was on narrative, on plot. We could do better.”

Looking ahead, audiences should expect to see more female-led superhero movies from DC, according to DC Chief Creative Officer Johns — but it’s not solely because of Wonder Woman’s success. “We’ve got a lot of plans for our female characters just because they’re great characters,” he said. “There are many wonderful elements to the DC Universe, and one of them is that we have the best female characters, heroes and villains, in the world. No one is going to beat Wonder Woman and Batgirl and Harley Quinn.”

Indeed, it was Batgirl that brought Joss Whedon to the studio, according to Berg. The Avengers writer/director, currently completing Justice League after Zack Snyder stepped down following a family tragedy, was lured to the competition by the potential to make a movie starring Commissioner Gordon’s crime-fighting daughter.

“We bring people by, have general meetings and talk about comics and their favorite superhero movies,” Berg said. “With Joss, he saw the master board, and he saw a Batgirl title and he said, ‘You guys seriously want to do Batgirl?’ And we said, 'Absolutely.’ He said, 'That’s my jam.’”