DC Comics has found its Tony Stark. Deadline has confirmed that Gal Gadot will reprise her role as Wonder Woman in the DCEU’s solo Flash movie, which is tentatively titled Flashpoint. That brings the grand total of upcoming DC movies featuring Wonder Woman to four, with Justice League, Justice League 2, Wonder Woman 2 and the aforementioned Flashpoint all expected to include Diana Prince on some level.

Wonder Woman has been the most successful character in the DCEU to date (and it’s not even close), so it’s no surprise that Warner Bros. is replicating the strategy Marvel used with Iron Man. After the studio realized that Robert Downey Jr.’s cocksure take on the wise-cracking billionaire genius was a hit with audiences, it basically decided to build the entire MCU around him. Downey Jr. has already played Iron Man in eight Marvel movies and counting.

To understand just how committed Warner Bros. is to making Wonder Woman the nucleus of the DCEU, all we have to do is look at the Flashpoint news. If the film stays true to the eponymous comic, it’s conceivable that Wonder Woman could appear as the movie’s villain. That signals the studio’s willingness to shoehorn its new marquee superhero into any movie it can, regardless of the iteration.

Who knows? Maybe we’ll see Wonder Woman moonlighting as Bruce Wayne’s butler in Matt Reeves’ upcoming Batman trilogy. Or, maybe she can take a side gig as The Daily Planet’s new baseball beat writer in the upcoming Superman sequel. Sure these ideas sound far-fetched, but with a domestic box office haul that has now surpassed $400 million and a potential Oscar nod for Best Picture now a distinct possibility, expect Warner Bros. to capitalize on the success of Wonder Woman as much as it can.

In the meantime, Gal Gadot is keeping herself busy. Is the Israeli-born actress recently signed on to appear alongside Bradley Cooper in the supernatural thriller Deeper, which centers on a “disgraced astronaut who is on a deep-sea dive exploring a newly discovered trench but soon finds himself confronted by a sinister and dangerous force,” The Hollywood Reporter reports. Gadot is wise to expand her resume while she can because by the looks of it, she’ll be donning the Princess of Themyscira’s sword and shield for many years to come.