Go with me here.

In 2013’s World War Z, the planet as we know it is battling a zombie outbreak the likes of which fiction has never seen. At the end of the film, allegedly, Brad Pitt’s hero comes up with a treatment that will infect humans with enough bad-mojo juice to make them invisible to the zombie hordes, allowing us to fight back. Allegedly.

But before that happens, he’s trapped in Jerusalem with a tough-as-nails Israeli solder at his side.

She gets bit by a zombie but, before the virus can infect her and prompt The Change, Pitt cuts her hand off. She survives the bite.

Then, Pitt the Hero saves the world. Allegedly. But what if he doesn’t. What if the world burns itself out, a wasteland caused not by a holocaust that’s not nuclear in origin, but zombie? And what if that young female bad ass survived, built herself a prosthetic skull-crusher and got herself a War Rig?

Just a theory…or IS IT?

Marc Bernardin is the Deputy Editor of Playboy.com. He likes a good crackpot theory as much as the next guy.