Beer pong is a staple at any college party or at a party where 30-something-year-olds cling desperately to their university glory days. Part of the reason for its popularity is it’s so damn easy to set up. Grab a long table, 20 red Solo cups, some beer and you’re ready to go. However, there’s now a much more epic (Bro slang for better) way to play the “sport.”

A Canadian man has invented a table that is designed specifically for beer pong. It’s completely interactive with LED lights, a ball washer and a scoreboard. The inventor, Jeff Nybo, had been working on this table since 2011. Now it’s come to fruition. Here’s a story about Nybo’s table from the CBC:

Nybo has now started a Kickstarter campaign to allow the public to get their hands on this amazing piece of equipment. For $85 to $500 are kits that people can use to create their own beer pong table. Or for $2250, you can get a fully assembled table.

But can you really put a price tag on impressing all the brothers of Sigma Chi at the next rush party?

Joseph Misulonas is an editorial assistant for He’s a GDI. He can be found on Twitter at @jmisulonas.