Waterslides are glorious. They’re probably also pee-infested, but still: glorious. Whoever thought of running water down a long slide, and then sliding down that long slide into a pool of more water, is a genius and deserves to be a first-ballot International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA) Hall-of-Famer, which is a very real thing I just learned about now.

And I’ll tell you who else belongs in the IAAPA Hall of Fame: Frank Heimes, head engineer of the German waterslide company Wiegand-Maelzer, and Malcolm Burt, a Ph.D. candidate at Queensland University of Technology who Wiegand-Maelzer asked to consult on its first virtual waterslide concept.

“There is nothing else like it in the world,” Burt said of the world’s first VR waterslide in a press release. He is right.

Their creation is just like a regular waterslide, only you wear VR goggles that will make you feel like you’re riding a lava flow and avoiding volcanic eruptions, according to Travel + Leisure. Why volcanos? Because “volcanos are very hot right now in the world of theme park rides,” Burt said. That’s why volcanos.

The world’s first VR waterslide is still in testing, though it’s expected to open at a Bavarian water park later this year.

“It doesn’t have a name yet, but we are working on ideas that tie in with the story the ride tells,” said Burt, who completed his Researchers Masters on “why roller coasters exist,” which is incredible.

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