You’ll be able to view London’s skyline in a whole new way next week, and you get to act like a total kid doing it. Starting on June 24th, you can now take the plunge down a 584-feet slide, the world’s largest, at London’s Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. Wrapping around the Arcelormittal Orbit observation tower nearly 12 times, a slide doesn’t get any cooler than this.

This isnt the slide you used to love as a kid at the park, though. To be honest, parts of it look completely terrifying. There’s a tight corkscrew section that turns into a 15-story drop down to the bottom. I guess that’s what you get for letting adults re-imagine a kid’s toy.

The slide was designed by artist Carsten Höller and overseen by London-based firm bblur architecture. Check out the video below to see how they pulled off building the world’s longest slide around the Arcelormittal.

H/T Architizer

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